Dec 09 2010

Shaman and At the Western Palace

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Generally I feel that Maxine’s mother is more at ease and in control of what is happening around her in the section Shaman. When she left for the dormitory school she was no longer bound to her in laws. Maxine writes that she was “free from families” for about two years. She was free from running errands for her “tyrant” mother-in-law. As a student she was one of the most educated, students fought to sit next to her during exams. Not only was she one of the smartest students she was also brave. As other women told scary talkstories she tried to find the logic and had an answer to everything. When she was naming one of the ghosts I imagined her very nonchalantly saying “oh that was nothing but Photo Ghost” and had a simple remedy that should have been used like wiggling the girls ear. When she encounters the Sitting Ghost she was confident because she knew she would conquer it and defeat it.  
Also as a doctor she was well respected. Villagers honored her by bringing out their lion and dancing ahead of her. She says “you have no idea how much I have fallen coming to America”(77)

In the section “At the Western Palace” the mother no longer has the ability to make things go her way. It seems like her children are annoyed with her. At the airport she brings food with her and Maxine writes “Her children acted as if this eating were a bother.” The main issue in this section is Moon Orchid’s husband. Brave Orchid truly believes that she can force, fool, and outsmart the husband into taking her sister as his first wife again. Of course she is not successful. She doesn’t have the ability to make it happen. She has no power over the husband. She was a brave woman against the ghost but she couldn’t make him taker Moon Orchid back.

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