Dec 09 2010

Please Talk

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I think that the theme of silence is connected to Maxine because she probably had to silence herself when she disagreed with her parents or bite her tongue when being mistreated for being a girl. She had to silence her thoughts in order to be respectful to elders for example when her great uncle excludes the girls, she couldn’t say anything. There are a few sections I would like to select where silence is present but I want to focus on the incident with the quiet girl. She basically tortured the girl so that she would say stop or any word. She wanted to break the silence because she herself was silent against her parents when they spoke about marriage and when she was put down. She sounds like her mother, repeating every criticism that had been thrown at her.

The critiques of silence on pages 180-181
Do you want to be like this, dumb, your whole life?
What are you going to do for a living? Yeah, you’re going to have to work because you can’t be a housewife.
You think somebody is going to take care of you all your stupid life?
You think somebody’s going to marry you, is that it?
Nobody’s going to notice you

When she said “I’m doing this for your own good” She really meant it because I think she wanted her to stand up for herself and destroy the silence that oppressed both of them so they could make her own decisions.
Even when she tries to cross over the silence during the dinner with her family she says her throat burst open and she is stating that she is smart, she is not nothing, she will not become a slave or a wife. I imagine it would take great strength to finally burst out saying these things but her mother makes it  worthless because says things like

Who would want you?
What makes you think you’re the first one to think about college?
You turned out so unusual
I knew you were going to turn out bad.

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