Dec 02 2010

The Woman Warrior

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I know Maxine says she isn’t different from a swordswoman but for some reason I keep on thinking about the differences instead of the similarities. Yes, she makes the claims but I didn’t feel they were so strong because she wasn’t as obedient as the swordswoman in the story. I think Maxine is a woman warrior because she wants to fight against racism. She says “It’s not just the stupid racists that I have to do something about, but the tyrants who are for whatever reason can deny my family food and work. (49) She seeks revenge for her family in America because they have been discriminated against. One way that she has become the swordswoman is that she is successful but I’m not sure of her occupation. She refers to this success as her private American shawl. I feel this is an issue because it is specifically American, not Chinese. She reassures her self that she is worthy of the food and she is worthy of their love. The last two sentences are extremely powerful in creating the similarity.
“The reporting is the vengeance—not the beheading, not the gutting, but the words. And I have so many words—“chink” words and “gook” words too – that they do not fit on my skin.” (53) She bears all of these racist words that have been mentally burned into her and her family. When she says they no longer fit her skin, it is referring to the numerous amount of racist suffering. To seek her vengeance she wants to make this racism know and stop it. So that she could be accepted and receive great honor like a man.

I also noticed the differences because through out these two sections she appears rebellious. A swordswoman was extremely obedient. She accepted an arranged marriage, freely gave birth to his children, and when the war was over she went to her in-laws and then bowed to them. It was as if she never carried manly responsibilities. As a wife she completely ignored her pass as a swordswoman and I feel she became nothing more but a housewife.  Maxine on the other hand vows that she will never marry and is always being scolded by her mother, she is called a bad girl. But she takes this a compliment because it’s close enough to being a boy. She says “Isn’t a bad girl almost a boy?” this could explain her rebelling. 

Also based on the beginning I’m pretty sure this is my favorite book!

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    great entry

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    I quite like reading through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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