Dec 01 2010

Sleep…what a waste of time

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I had really intended on actually going to sleep tonight, I mean I actually had all the lights off and I was in bed but unfortunately my minds still on. There’s something about tonight that makes me want to stay awake.  You can actually hear the faint sound of cars pass by on the highway and the wind against the tree by my window. But the best sound for tonight is hearing the tires of cars stroll on the wet road. Any other night these sounds would have been unnoticeable noise in the background like my big brothers snoring and the never failing dripping faucet. This tranquility will only linger if that damn security alarm from the abandon store across the street doesn’t turn on like it randomly does.  I’m probably jinxing the alarm for next week when I’ll be writing a paper.

  I’ve been up other nights stressing about getting assignments done. But tonight I want to press pause on thinking and not worry about tomorrow or the assignments that are due.  I won’t go to sleep because no ones around to bother me. At night the world becomes my own and I’ll use it like an office where I can either do work or just simply think.

This could just be the lack of sleep creeping up on me.

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