Nov 15 2010

Junot Diaz 1st four stories

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IIn class we were asked which of the four stories did we like most, but I didn’t like either story. I don’t mean to seem negative but I felt like the children lost their purity a long time even before we read these stories. In the first story Ysrael the older brother is sexually active with girls from the campo and the capital. We don’t get to see the children’s childhood. In Fiesta the children would rather play baseball, instead of going to their aunt’s party. Rafa speaks to Leti and some other girls but we are not completely sure if anything happens with the girls. In this story their father is cheating and the children know about his mistress. In the third story the boyfriend loves Aurora but it seems to be an abusive relationship on both parts, they take and use from each other either for sex or drugs. But he does say that he is in love with Aurora. The fourth story Aguantando, there is the mother that struggles to take care of her family. It is over nine years and she reminds faithful to a husband that is no long in the marriage. I wrote these mini summaries because each story surrounded a negative. Each story showed that purity is tainted based on life styles and locations that you were brought up in. It’s just crazy that a child is exposed to all of this but some children grow quicker than others because society forces them to.

 Lines that stood out to me
In the campo we were friends. (5)
People around here don’t bet worth a damn, he was saying. (8)
We both knew Papi had been with that Puerto Rican woman he was seeing and wanted to wash off the evidence quick.  (23)
She smelled like herself, like the wind through as tree. (24)
When we were alone he treated me much better, like maybe I was his son or something. (35)
I knew an interrogation when I hear one, no matter how sugar-coated it was. (39)
This is how I always figured Papi would be exposed, out in public, where everybody would know. (40)
She holds it lightly, debating if she should smoke a few or sell the pack to somebody. (55)
I didn’t know that he’d abandoned us. That this waiting for him was all a shame. (70)

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