Nov 15 2010

In defense of Faulkner

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Okay I so I’m going to defend Faulkner because I’m going through so many blog’s and everyone is saying that they were disappointed and they expected something else. Yes, previously I wrote that I expected a different ending. I think we expect reassuring, informative, and happy ever afters because of books we have previously read in our life. Sorry to burst the bubble but Faulkner from the very beginning had a different style of writing. If anything I’d like to say we should have expected an odd ending. I mean he did begin the book with more of a middle section. Besides I think it was a journey making the connections through the book. He didn’t let you forget about the other sections because they were the memories that made the present understandable. After reading the negative I want to focus on the positives. Long story short I would read the book again probably notice a few more interesting things.

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